Quels sous-vêtements portent les hommes à leur mariage ?

What underwear do men wear to their weddings?

Your wedding day is a unique and unforgettable event where every detail matters. While the choice of the wedding dress or suit often gets all the attention, don’t overlook the importance of men’s underwear…

The Importance of Choosing the Right Men's Underwear for Your Wedding Day

Comfort for Confidence

Your wedding day will undoubtedly be anything but restful! The day will stretch long into the night, with you constantly on the move: mingling with guests, participating in various activities, and dancing the night away. Your intimate parts need to be comfortable!

This is especially true if you’re getting married in the summer. An unsuitable cut or material can quickly turn your underwear into a nightmare.

It’s All About Style

Although invisible on the big day, men’s wedding underwear should be chosen carefully for two main reasons: comfort and style! You’re likely getting married only once, so treat yourself and your soulmate. Leave your old trunk in the drawer and get some high-quality underwear that will delight your partner on your wedding night!

Different Types of Men's Underwear Suitable for Weddings

The Classic: The Trunk

The trunk strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style, making it a very popular option for men’s wedding underwear. Offering freedom of movement and good support, trunks have the notable advantage of not creating visible lines under most pants, keeping your outfit's style intact. And to avoid chafing, the mid-thigh cut of trunks keeps you comfortable all day by preventing irritation.

Bluebuck men's organic cotton blue trunk

The Flattering: The Brief

For those who prefer a more fitted cut, briefs can be another option for men’s wedding underwear. Briefs offer even more support than trunks and won’t create any wrinkles if you opt for a fitted suit. But the main advantage of briefs is their ability to enhance your silhouette: who wouldn’t want a little extra confidence on such a special day?

Bluebuck men's organic cotton blue brief

The Comfortable: The Boxer

If, unlike the previous two cases, you are a fan of freedom of movement, we highly recommend opting for boxers on your wedding day. Prioritizing lightness and good air circulation, boxers are ideal if you want to avoid discomfort from heat or sweat. We recommend considering boxers only if you’re wearing pants with a looser cut.

Bluebuck men's organic cotton green boxer

The Invisible: The Jockstrap

A bit less conventional, jockstraps are gaining popularity for their notable advantages: they offer maximum support and unparalleled breathability. They’re ideal if thermal comfort is your priority! If you’re not used to wearing them, it’s also the perfect occasion to surprise your partner with a sexy twist for your wedding night!

Bluebuck men's navy blue organic cotton jockstrap with light blue stripes

The Benefits of Cotton for Wedding Underwear

For everyday wear and special events, cotton is the preferred choice for your underwear. It will be your ally on your wedding day, ensuring softness, breathability, and comfort all day long. Cotton is renowned for its natural softness and great breathability: thus avoiding the risk of irritation and excessive sweating.

At Bluebuck, we like to do things thoroughly, which is why our underwear is made from organic cotton. Grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, organic cotton is the ideal solution for sensitive skin. By choosing organic cotton underwear for your wedding, you’re doing good for both your body and the planet.

Learn more about the benefits of organic cotton:


Choosing the Right Size and Perfect Fit for Your Wedding Underwear

The Importance of the Exact Size

As you can imagine, it’s crucial to choose the right size for your underwear, especially for such a special occasion as your wedding day. Take your measurements and refer to our size guide before purchasing. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask a specialized vendor for advice, who can consider your preferences and body shape.

Tips for Finding the Ideal Fit

To play it safe, we’d recommend opting for a cut you’re used to. New styles might surprise you. However, if you want to try a different type of underwear for your wedding, think about it a few weeks in advance so you can get used to it.

Colors and Patterns for Wedding Underwear

Stick to Classic Colors

Be careful if your bohemian wedding has you wearing white linen pants: such materials can often be transparent. It would be a shame to ruin your outfit with a black boxer cutting your thigh in two. You have two options: choose a discreet cut or opt for an invisible color.

For a discreet cut, we highly recommend the jockstrap. As for colors that won’t show (or barely show) under transparent pants, avoid the classic whites and blacks! Opt for a nude color that blends with your skin tone: gray, beige, brown... Red is also an option! Surprisingly, red underwear under white clothes creates a perfect illusion.

Or Go for Patterned Originality

When it comes to patterns, why not go for a nautical look? Or add a touch of sophistication to your underwear with buttons that stylishly echo the buttons of your suit? At Bluebuck, we draw inspiration from the elegance and robustness of maritime life to create nautical underwear, featuring ocean-inspired colors and a modern yet timeless aesthetic.

Bluebuck nautical organic cotton trunks in white with red stripes

Our Recommendations for Wedding Underwear

As you’ve seen, every element of your outfit contributes to making your wedding an unforgettable day, so don’t overlook any detail! Whether you choose a trunk, brief, gray or brown, striped or with buttons, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident in your outfit to fully enjoy this special moment.

And now that you’ve carefully chosen your wedding underwear, how about picking out your socks?