Here at Bluebuck, we've been championing slow fashion since we started in 2010.

It's a term that's become a bit of a cliché these days.

But to us it simply means all our products are timeless and made to last for years.

We don't follow fashion and trends. We don't create seasonal collections.

We do quality, not quantity.

The fast pace of the fashion industry

Traditionally, fashion brands present at least two collections per year, in spring-summer and fall-winter.

But over the last few years, the pace of collections has accelerated.

Both fast fashion and luxury brands launch new items increasingly often, sometimes every week.

That system is bad for consumers and even worse for the environment.

Fast fashion brands don't care whether their products will be worn more than once before being put back in a closet or thrown away.

And if a product isn't sold quickly, it can end up in a sale, snapped up by consumers attracted by the low price rather than whether they actually need or want that particular item.

As a result, the product often doesn't even get worn. It's a huge waste.

Three collections in 10 years

When it comes to underwear, creating seasonal collections and then putting them on sale doesn't make sense.

Boxers, or a pair of socks, are not seasonal products.

In 10 years we've only created three underwear collections because of our slow fasion principles. Okay, and maybe a little bit of laziness too, although we couldn't possibly comment.

Our collections are timeless.

We do introduce new colours from time to time, but the cuts have hardly changed since we started.

The briefs, the boxer shorts, everything has pretty much the same look today as they did 10 years ago.

Even the elastic waistband, with its herringbone pattern and 60% cotton, hasn't changed, nor aged, at all.

Less waste

Producing permanent collections also allows us to considerably reduce waste during the production phase.

Because all of our collections and fabrics are permanent, our factories never have unused materials left over at the end of the season. We can guarantee that each roll of fabric, regardless of its colour, will always be fully used to produce our underwear or T-shirts.

And at the end of the line, our warehouse doesn't run the risk of having unsold or depreciated items that we would have to sell off...or worse - we know that many luxury brands prefer to destroy their products at the end of the season rather than sell them off.

Fabriqués pour durer

We work on sustainability in its most literal sense.

A truly sustainable brand is one that creates clothes that, well, last. And all of our products are designed to be worn for years.

When we decide to launch a new collection, we take time to find the best materials and suppliers that meet our needs for quality and durability. We also test for comfort and we want our products to be beautiful, to make you want to wear them for a long time.

As an example, the fabrics we have made in Portugal for our underwear and T-shirts are knitted from the finest organic cotton yarns. They then undergo a compacting finishing treatment. That entire process helps give our fabrics softness and solidity and, therefore, an exceptional life span.

It's the same with our elastic belts. They are built to last, to retain a softness and elasticity over time – for wash after wash. We also take great care over the construction of our garments and, crucially, the strength of the seams.

But if you ever run into a problem with one of our products – hey, we're only human - let us know and we'll do our level best to repair or replace.

So you have a choice.

Live fast and watch your clothes die young.

Or, like us, play the long game. Think quality, comfort and what's best for you and the planet.