Navy brief - white stitching
Navy brief - white stitching
Navy brief - white stitching
Navy brief - white stitching
Navy brief - white stitching

Navy brief - white stitching

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Keeping it brief never felt so good! Made from 95% organic cotton (as certified by Global Organic Trading Standards) that's as luxurious as it's comfortable, with 5% elastane to allow for some give. We have no time for itchy labels – all ours are cotton for comfort and joy. Even the waistband contains 60% cotton for that soft on the skin feeling. All our underwear is made exclusively in Europe using renewable energy.

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100% made in Europe

This classic BLUEBUCK brief, like everything else we produce, is made entirely in Europe. We don't just assemble fabrics from other continents - which would technically qualify us as "made in Europe". Each of the components that go into our products is manufactured and assembled in Europe. Portugal for the manufacture of yarns and fabrics, dyeing, cutting and assembly of fabrics. Austria for our elastic belts. And Italy for our cotton labels. Only the organic cotton comes from elsewhere, since it does not grow in Europe. We source it from Turkey or India.