White trunk - navy binding
White trunk - navy binding
White trunk - navy binding

White trunk - navy binding

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They want you as a new recruit! Time to enlist in our mid-waist, French mariniere-inspired fitted trunks. They're 95% Global Organic Trading Standards-certified organic cotton, 5% elastane. You can kiss itchy labels goodbye - ours are made from cotton. And the comfort even extends to our elastic waistband because it contains 60% cotton for a softer feel on the skin. .

Underwear S M L XL
inches 29-31 32-33 34-36 37-39
cm 29-31 32-33 34-36 37-39
T-shirts & tank tops S M L XL
Chest size in inches 35-36 37-38 39-40 40-42
Waist circumference in inches 31-32 33-34 35-36 37-38
Chest circumference in cm 88-92 93-96 97-100 101-105
Waist circumference in cm 80-84 85-88 89-92 93-96

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Cotton labels and cotton waistband

We use cotton for all our composition and care labels.
They're made from 100% cotton, in fact.
That makes them as soft as the fabric we use in all our organic cotton underwear, T-shirts and socks.
So our labels are as comfortable as the designs they adorn. And they won’t irritate your skin.
We searched high and low for a supplier who could make them without polyester – the usual material for composition labels.
It took a while, but we found one. In Italy.
As for our elastic waistbands, they're made in Austria.
They contain 63% cotton and have a herringbone texture for a unique look.
All that cotton gives our waistbands a very soft touch that's wonderfully comfortable on the skin.
And they're very hard-wearing and long-lasting as well.