Bluebuck pack of 3 dark blue recycled cotton briefs

3 dark blue briefs for men in recycled cotton

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The fabric is made from 95% recycled cotton and 5% elastane.

The elastic waistband contains 60% cotton for added comfort.

Dark blue with a light blue logo embroidery and a fine line along the lower edge of the waistband.

Our recycled cotton comes from pre-consumer scraps and cuttings that factories would otherwise throw away. The fibres are re-spun into new yarn and we do the rest, letting you get on with looking good and feeling even better about it.

Waist size in inches26-2829-3132-3334-3637-3940-42
Waist size in cm68-7374-7980-8586-9294-99100-107
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Chest size in inches34-3636-3838-4040-4242-4444-46
Chest size in cm86-9092-9697-102103-108109-113114-118
European size41-44
UK size8-11
US size9-12

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Recycled cotton and water

In all garment factories, there is a lot of waste happening. Because when a fabric is being cut in order to create the different panels that will be assembled together to create a garment, the offcuts (the small pieces of fabrics that are too small to be used) can represent up to 25% of the full fabric roll. And these offcuts are usually simply thrown away.

In our case, we are re-using these offcuts – in the jargon, they are also called “pre-consumer” waste - by collecting them from factory floors and sending them to a recycling facility. They are then mechanically shredded, before being re-spun into new yarns.

The recycled cotton fibers tend to be shorter than the virgin cotton fibers. This gives the fabric their peach skin feel.

The big advantage of recycled cotton is that it is by far the most environmentally friendly cotton fiber, because it uses significantly less resources.

It saves land obviously.

It also saves a lot of water. It takes usually between 300 and 450 litres of water to grown enough virgin cotton to make 1 pair of underwear (around 100 grams of fabric) – all this water can be saved by using recycled cotton instead.