Turquoise jockstrap in organic cotton

Turquoise jockstrap in organic cotton

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Support for your sport. The front pouch is made from organic cotton for durability and comfort, with a touch of elastane to give you just the right amount of stretch. Our jockstraps will support and protect you whatever sport you're playing, so you can keep your eyes on the prize and your mind on the job.

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Waist size in cm68-7374-7980-8586-9294-99100-107
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A short history of the jockstrap

The jockstrap as a fashion or, let's just say, leisure item is a fairly modern affair.

As a sporting garment, however, its history is relatively long and well-documented.

But which came first? The jock – as in US slang for a sportsman – or the jockstrap? And the answer is...the garment.

It's generally agreed that the jock in question was a short form of jockey. Not a jockey on a horse, but on a bike. A bike, to be more specific, being ridden across the cobbles of Boston, Massachusetts, in the late-ish 19th century.

So the jockstrap was invented to stop a cyclist's undercarriage from being hobbled by cobbles.

There's also some evidence that 'jock' is much earlier slang for a chap's...chap, but we'll leave that in the past.

All we know is that our jockstraps do the job they were designed for – providing comfort and support for sport, or any other activity.